Major Monday: First Day of Junior Year

Today is the first day of my junior year at GW. There are so many things that are already happening around campus that I feel like this day may be losing some significance. Some students moved in over a week ago to lead “co-curricular” activities for incoming freshman. Some students, like me, never actually left campus and will trade in full time internships for full course loads and all-nighters studying at the newly refurbished Gelman Library. Regardless, everyone returns to the classroom and everyone definitely has some sort of buzzing feeling about the day.

For me, I am excited to start back to the college routine. Having an internship two days a week, classes three days a week, and extracurricular meetings every other second of every day. College life moves quickly and more often than not we loose track of what is going on around us. Every year I try to set some “first day of school” goals and see where I end up in May.

Goal #1: Find time for me time.

This is so important and I definitely didn’t get enough “me time” last semester. I spent so much time working on extracurricular activities and school work that I never found time to step away from campus to find new nooks and crannies of Washington, D.C. This year, I want to have an ever-growing list of adventures I want to take, concerts to attend and restaurants to try. I want to check out new museum exhibits and local cafes where I can read a book for pleasure. Whether is is exploring the district or giving myself an hour everyday to workout, time to reflect on where I am and what is happening in my life needs to be a priority.

Goal #2: Make new friends.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the friends I have need to go away or are bad for me. What I am saying, is that it’s always good to be open minded when meeting new people. So often, I find myself thinking, ” Why do I need to get to know you, the friends I have are already great?” People get comfortable with their surroundings and this is okay. Sometimes though, it is even better to step outside of our comfort zones and expand the network of people around us.

Goal #3: Be a proactive student. 

I have four semesters of college under my belt. One semester I couldn’t keep up with the classes I had enrolled in because I was too consumed with an internship and a part-time job. One semester, I was too encompassed by my leadership roles in extracurricular activities that my priorities became a little out of order. This semester I want to keep my priorities in line by putting myself and my health first, followed by my schoolwork, professional development and extracurricular activities. By being proactive I know goal #1 and goal #2 will be that much easier to accomplish. Being proactive means being curious and being on top of what is expected of me. Being proactive is stepping up my game- it’s junioryear and that’s what’s appropriate.

These goals are very broad but I hope they will contribute to a successful fall semester of junior year. Look out for updates in the future on how I am going to fulfill my goals.

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